May 022015

There’s a New Brownie in the Neighborhood

I have a confession to make. I have a HUGE sweet tooth and I am guessing I’m not alone there. Have you been known to lift the lid of the cookie jar to steal “just a bite” of its contents each time you walk by? I can’t help it. Sweets are just a part of my existence and while I don’t discriminate, I happen to be especially fond of chocolate.

Spreading batter into a pan My entire clan has their favorite sweet (and loads more will power), but I seem to be the primary chocolate lover, so when I came across this zucchini “brownie” recipe, I made it mostly to prove that a proper brownie couldn’t be made with zucchini. The brownie air quotes are mine. I cop to an eye roll too. I love zucchini and adore brownies, but happen to believe that those two words don’t belong in the same sentence or even the same recipe for that matter, but as long as I was going to try this combo, I figured I would take the challenge one step further and made a recipe that includes applesauce, almond butter, honey and oats and not a hint of dairy, egg or oil. And if that wasn’t saintly enough, the only refined sugar in the recipe is the handful of chocolate chips you toss on top for good measure. I guess you could use carob if you were a real saint. I’m definitely not. So I opted for a fist full of genuine chocolate chips.

I measured, mixed, baked and cooled. And you know what? They were really good. Had they been “not bad” I still would have eaten them (I’m embarrassed to confess). But only until the first batch was gone. But this recipe is a keeper. These brownies are filled with a rich, dark chocolate flavor so they totally do the trick for my chocolate craving. The best part though? My family really likes them too, but I gave a sample to a number of friends as well, just to make sure no one was just being polite, and the consensus seems to be a big thumbs up!

Chocolate brownies without sugar, dairy, oilsThe secret for me, because I am so not a martyr, is not whether I like them as a zucchini brownie, but whether I like them as a brownie at all and the answer is a big yes. The zucchini, for me, is just an added bonus, but given this list of ingredients, I do love that I can eat them completely guilt free! Here’s a hint for you though: when you make them (and you ought to because they’re a snap to make) just stick them in the cookie jar. No need to give them a “healthy” name. Just fill the jar and see what happens.

Barclay eating the zucchiniPs. No animals were harmed in the making of these brownies (since dogs can’t eat chocolate), but my little vegetable loving beggar patiently waited for flying zucchini shreds to land on the floor and was happily rewarded when they did!

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