Jun 102014

The Raw Deal

Good when prepared any way, Broccoli's super powere are even greater raw.Some foods pack more punch when they’re eaten raw. Broccoli and Onions are two of them.

Just chewing raw Broccoli releases an enzyme, myrosinase, that boosts your liver’s cancer-cleansing power. Cooking Broccoli inactivates that enzyme a bit. Steaming Broccoli, for example, reduces the effectiveness of myrosinase by a third. So if Raw and Steamed played each other in a baseball game Raw would beat Steamed by 9 to 6.

Slicing and eating Onions beats sauteing or frying them. Cooking onions reduces the amount of sulfur and allicin, a phytonutrient that fights things like: bacteria, illness, cancer, disease. Allicin also seems to curb hunger so if you’re trying to lose an extra pound or two you might toss some raw slices in your salads or pastas — perhaps followed a little later by a breath mint.

It doesn’t matter which you choose: red, yellow, or green onion. All onions contain the same health benefits when eaten raw.

Onions - eat them raw You’ll find both of these vegetables in our Broccoli Munch. It mixes up in no time—but for the best flavor, make it the night before!


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