May 052015

The Easiest Peas-iest Stick Trellis

Using branches to trellis peasFor the simplest, and most earth-friendly climbing pea trellis possible – try this easy approach.

Simply stick branches from your spring pruning into the ground between your sprouting seedlings.  Insert the thicker, “trunk” part of the branches as deeply as you can into the dirt, letting the branches overlap a bit to give the delicate tendrils plenty of places to grab on. You don’t have to overly neat about it and you can always add more througout the season.

The plants are happy to climb on the twiggy branches. They’ll become little bushes of peas. After harvesting your ripe pods, toss the spent plants, trellis and all, into the compost.

You’re done.

Sticks inserted into the ground make the simplest effective trellis.


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