Apr 272015

Our New Book! Garden Candy Basics

It’s not everyday you get to use some of your superpowers to work on a stand-out project, but we did just that when we teamed up with The Tutorial Center, Inc. in Vermont to create Garden Candy Basics—an ebook with recipes and cooking tips for under-resourced people. We combined our love of vegetables and technology to create a digital cookbook formatted especially for handheld devices, like smartphones. This quick video explains it all:

Sure, Garden Candy Basics is filled with really great recipes and information that will help anybody get into the veggie-lovers’ club. But perhaps the most important aspect of the book is that it was written especially for those who:

  • have limited, or no, experience with vegetables or cooking;
  • might not be strong readers;
  • have budgets that don’t allow for expensive cookbooks or exotic ingredients;
  • use a mobile device as their primary, or sole, means of connecting to the internet.

Garden Candy eBook available on iTunes, Amazon and other popular ebook retailers.As you saw in the above video, Garden Candy Basics takes away all the obstacles to creating delicious vegetable-centric—not necessarily vegetarian—dishes and meals. The book also provides general prep methods for all your favorite vegetables. You will love it!

Even if you have mad skills in the kitchen, already support a vegetable addiction, and have stacks of cookbooks we urge you and everyone to buy this book. While it’s true that Garden Candy Basics costs less than a head of cauliflower, that’s not the reason we want you to buy it.

We’re calling on you to get a copy of your own because EVERY cent of the proceeds of this ebook directly supports the really important work that The Tutorial Center’s YAP! program does in using agriculture to teach life and work skills to disengaged students, teen dropouts and young adults. That’s it. Right there. That’s the reason. Your purchase supports this really vital and proven approach to education. Oooh look! Another video! This one explains the project in the students’ own words. It’s worth watching.

So now you see why we support this program. It uses the earth (and vegetables!) to help students discover and build their own superpowers, self-esteem, academic and work skills. It’s just a fantastic opportunity for all the participants—and the community, and therefore the state, the country and the world that includes you. So go ahead, use your superpowers to start your own ripple of goodness!

You can get Garden Candy Basics from these retailers:

Garden Candy eBook available on iTunes, Amazon and other popular ebook retailers.Get Garden Candy Books on iTunes

Garden Candy eBook available on iTunes, Amazon and other popular ebook retailers.Buy Garden Candy for your Amazon KindleBuy Garden Candy for your KindeleFire

Garden Candy eBook available on iTunes, Amazon and other popular ebook retailers.Get or Give Garden Candy on Smashwords.com


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