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What a Mom Wants

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that it’s  Mother’s Day on Sunday, and if you were to believe the advertisers who’ve been flooding the airwaves, every mother out there wants luggage, a spa day, jewelry and brunch. But when I think of mother’s day, the memory slideshow that plays in my head has little-to-nothing to do with store-bought items. No surprise, right?  What I see is my children bringing me breakfast in bed on a tray made from a decorated box, homemade cards, plants in terracotta pots covered in photo decoupage, posters hanging from their door wishing me a wonderful day, walks and picnics, actual (high tech) slide shows and photo books, and lots of hands. Plaster hand impressions, paper hand cutouts and hand cards. Growing hands immortalized in any medium are a hot commodity in the mother world, aren’t they.

I know what every mother on the planet knows—and Hallmark wishes we didn’t—that what we really want are simple reminders of all the wonderful years we’ve been lucky enough to call ourselves mom. We’re pretty easy to please that way. We really just want to make memories with our kids and have sweet reminders of those memories.

Okay, so here’s the part about our Mother’s Day post where I’m telling you something maybe you don’t know: that breakfast you’re served can still be delicious. I know, I know, you’d gobble it up even if it tasted like cardboard, but it doesn’t have to. This method is so easy and creates eggs that are to-die-for-creamy. The goat cheese and chives we added bring a grown-up flavor to this classic favorite but kids still love them too. Go ahead, make it yourself. Experiment with your own mix-ins; it’s the method that sets this dish apart.

So if you’re a mom and should homemade breakfast in bed (or anywhere!) be a part of your favorite Mother’s Day celebration, we urge you to print this recipe and leave it out in a really obvious place. Or, heck, be bold and email it the appropriate parties. It will up your odds of enjoying the most perfect scrambled eggs ever! And it’s so easy that children (and even dad’s) can make it. Ironically, it was my dad who taught me this trick and now it’s my youngest who makes them (once upon a time standing on a stool) – to perfection! The ingredients are simple. The secret is in the patience of the chef!

Garden Candy Recipe Jar GreenGrab the Recipe for Perfect Slow Scrambled Eggs

moms_eggs_breakfasts-0061Pssssst: Like the little cards in the photos in this post? They’re available free as DIY printables that anyone can download and customize. You might share the link with dad. It could remove his stress of what to have the kids make for mom, kids love being creative—and you’ll get another handprint of those hands you so love holding! Win. Win. Win.

Here are the files and instructions!



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