About Garden Candy

Garden Candy sprouted from the idea that in our sped-up world of processed and fast foods a lot of folks don’t include enough garden-fresh ingredients in their everyday eating.

Maybe you’re one of them. You’re not alone.

A lot of people who never learned much about cooking, especially with vegetables, have trouble knowing how to shop for and prepare fresh produce. Many of those same people are also under the impression that fresh vegetables are more expensive than canned or frozen. But that’s not always the case. And the differences in the flavors and nutritional impact of fresh or processed vegetables are enormous!

Garden Candy tries to help plant the idea that adding more fresh vegetables into your meals is not only better for you and your family’s health, but can also be the better economical choice.

As an ebook it’s specifically formatted to be easily read on your smartphone or mobile device so recipes are always at your fingertips. Since you download it, Garden Candy is available to you whether or not you have a signal or wifi connection.