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If at first you don’t succeed – then what?

We’ve all been there. We find a recipe we think looks or sounds wonderful and we decide to make it. Only then, instead of a delicious outcome we end up with flavorless soup or muffins that resemble hockey pucks or a bitter salad. What then? Here at Garden Candy we admit we occasionally make something that just doesn’t excite us and we might not be tempted to revisit, but in the end we do think that every recipe deserves a second chance. Often the part of the recipe that isn’t working well can be tweaked and easily remedied, making the second time the charm.

Garden-Candy-Conversations-artwork-singleWhat do you do when a recipe doesn’t score a perfect 10? Do you try that recipe again? How do you fix a kitchen fail?


A mother of three grown children, she still finds she cooks for five when making dinner. She loves her antique home, but is thrilled her kitchen has a few modern touches and has been known to fit entire girl scout troops around the island for cooking baking parties. When Laura’s not blogging about food and creating new recipes she can usually be found teaching preschool or texting her kids to call home.

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8 Responses to If at first you don’t succeed – then what?
  1. Angie Goodall Reply

    When I get recipes that friends rave about but I’m not wowed by the first time I make it I do try to make it again. 90% of the time the second attempt produces dishes that go into my “favorites.”

    • Christine Reply

      I hear ya Angie! Recipes are definitely worth two attempts.

      Especially when the messed-up up part of a recipe was the cook! Like with these Whole Wheat Apple Sauce Muffins:

      I totally messed up by using the wrong flour and just haven’t gotten back to trying them again. Laura made them and raved about so I do have them my re-do list.

  2. Elaine Pearson Reply

    I hadn’t thought about it before but, no, I don’t remember ever trying a recipe again after it came out poorly the first time. I feel like there’s only so much time for cooking as it is. You have to win me (and the family!) over the first time!

  3. Arthur Reply

    I’ve tried several recipes a couple times each when I thought they could be improved or tailored to my personal tastes by changing something, But I did learn the hard way to not change too much at once.

  4. Maureen Barre Reply

    no…No interest in giving it another shot…I am not a great cook, so if I invested time, energy and money into a recipe and it does not deliver, it’s out the door.

    • Elaine Pearson Reply

      I’m with you Maureen. Too many recipes to try to have try a failed one again.

  5. Tracy Reply

    I wouldn’t watch a movie I didn’t enjoy a second time. My thinking is there’s always another recipe to take a failed recipe’s place. (But love Garden Candy Recipes!)

  6. Christine Reply

    Haha! You guys are a tough crowd! One shot, huh? I do understand. As it is now I cannot live long enough to try every recipe in my “must try this” pile!

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