May 072015

No Fail Friday: Free Printable Cards for Mom

Cards that hold seed packetsJust add your own seed pack and create a little gift that you can grow together!  These are quick little cards that you can download, print, customize and give to mom on Mother’s Day. Inside are markings to cut slits to hold a packet of mom’s favorite seeds. So she’ll have some garden candy of her own long after her special day passes!

Downloadable Printable Card for Mother's day Inside verse:
…in the garden.
Happy Mother’s Day!

Download Print File

Downloadable Printable Card Inside verse:
…in the garden.
Happy Mother’s Day!

Download Print File

Downloadable Printable CardInside Blank
Download Print File

Cards are best printed on a color printer. They print on one side of one sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper, folding down to 4.25″ x 5.5″

There’s a version with the hand pre-printed on the card, and a version without the hand, instead there’s a blank space for your child to add their own hand.

Here are some tips for success:

Choose your preferred method to add the hand:

1. Paint your child’s hand and let them “print” it on the cover.

2. Let your child trace and color their hand with crayons or markers.

score_cut_guideBefore folding your card:

  • Use the best quality matte paper you have. Glossy photo paper is NOT recommended.
  • Adding a packet of seeds? Using a craft knife or scissors slice two slits bit connectin the two dots in each corner. Cut the slits BEFORE folding your card. Cutting the slits after the card is folded will likely result in slicing through the front cover.
  • If using very heavy paper or card stock it ill be helpful to pre-score the folds. To do this:
  • Lay your printed, unfolded sheet on the table.
  • Run the back of a butter knife along a ruler where the folds will be—midway across and down your paper.


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