Oct 172016

Comfort Food. What’s Yours?

Because here in the northern hemisphere we’re heading into winter and the holidays, you’ll start to see a lot of recipes for what you might classify as “comfort foods.” Like the Pumpkin Sage Cream Sauce we just posted. Did you see that? I’m mean, really. It’s a full on edible embrace.

This got a few of us talking and sharing the recipes and dishes that bring us undeniable joy in ways that transcend ingredients—often dishes that whisk us back to childhood.

Garden-Candy-Conversations-artwork-singleSo we want to know. What are some of your comforting foods or nostalgic dishes. And what makes you so attached to them?


Very excitable and prone to fits of glee, Christine cooks on a vintage 1950 General Electric double-oven stove, does not have a dishwasher unless you count the husband, and is guilty of posting cat cuteness on the interwebs. She photographs and blogs about food and other joyful topics from her home in Vermont.

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7 Responses to Comfort Food. What’s Yours?
  1. Christine Reply

    For me? Easy…Baked Mac and Cheese is my always-seconds, go to, attitude-adjusting, comfort food. But the dish that brings me the biggest smile is Halushki. Whenever I make that simple sautéed cabbage, onion and noodle dish I am once again standing in a sea of boomerang linoleum, beside my grandmother. She tells me, again, about the “old country” and reprimands me, again, for impatiently lifting the lid off the pot to see – is it done yet?

  2. Amanda Reply

    Homemade Tomato Soup takes me back to weekday suppers with my mom and sister. Usually we had it with grilled cheese. Sometimes if we were lucky she made crescent rolls. I can’t see a bowl of tomato soup without wanting to taste it. Even the canned stuff.

  3. Lisa Azzarito Reply

    Lasagne. Lasagne. Lasagne. For all the obvious reasons.

  4. Carol Lea Reply

    My daughter and i were just having this conversation the other day. For me it’s scalloped potatoes. She said hers is tied between cheeseburgers and mashed potatoes. The cheeseburgers is interesting since she eats 99.9% vegetarian.

  5. Eve Porter Reply

    Mashed potatoes of any kind. We ate a lot of potatoes as a kid. Maybe because we money was tight and potatoes weren’t expensive. When I eat potatoes I rememeber times with my family.

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