Sep 232016

Chef Tip: Tearless Onions

If slicing onions brings you to tears, you might reduce the irritation with these simple tricks:

  • Keep your onions refrigerated.
  • Or freeze the them for about 15 minutes before cutting.
  • Keep as much of the exposed parts of the onion against the cutting board as possible.
  • Throw fashion to the wind and wear a pair of fitted safety goggles.
  • Chewing gum works for some people. Not so much for others.



Very excitable and prone to fits of glee, Christine cooks on a vintage 1950 General Electric double-oven stove, does not have a dishwasher unless you count the husband, and is guilty of posting cat cuteness on the interwebs. She photographs and blogs about food and other joyful topics from her home in Vermont.

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