Jul 192015

A Bouquet From Your (Vegetable) Garden

I have a friend who makes flower arrangements. She doesn’t do it for a living, although she could. She does it because it’s one of those things that brings her joy. And the best part of these arrangements is that she “sends” one, via Facebook, to the friend who is having a birthday that day. If your birthday is in the summer you may get a beautiful bunch of hydrangeas, but if it’s in the fall she might find wonderful branches and berries and a rose or two. The bouquets are all different and what makes them so unique is that they have a sense of being “of the season” and she doesn’t ever worry about “rules.” She uses what’s around and never hesitates to use a simple stick or random leaf if it will give the bouquet interest.

Vegetable bouquetsLooking at my friend’s collection of bouquets got me thinking about my own gardens, flower and vegetable alike, and it occurred to me that the vegetable garden was yielding far more than tasty tomatoes and some zucchini. We have the rest of the year to grab flowers at the grocery store or local florist, but why go there now when the backyard is filled with ideas?

Grab a pair of scissors, a mason jar, can or vase half-filled with water and wander your yard and begin clipping. A hosta flower here, a tomato, zucchini blossom and cucumber leaf there, a piece of cat mint and some basil and voila! a summertime bouquet that fits the casual feel of the season perfectly. Oh yeah, and it’s free!


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